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In this health and wellness industry there is a constant swaying of trends and information that it can be hard to know what to listen to. My mission is to to help change as many lives as possible.To be an EDUCATED, TRUSTWORTHY Wellness Organization for our Community by providing high quality services and information for a more NATURAL, HEALTHY and CONSCIOUS LIVING.  Your HEALTH and WELLBEING are extremely important to us. We believed that health and wellness are achieved through all facets of the MENTAL, EMOTIONAL and PHYSICAL WELLBEING.

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Personal Training

Fat & Weight Loss, Toning, Sculpting & Muscle Development. If you are looking to  lose weight and burn off excess fat. If you are looking to increase muscle definition, sculpt and firm your body. If you are getting ready for a special event such as a wedding, a vacation, a reunion and want to look fabulous. If you need help to get familiar with exercises & make the best use of your gym. If you are already active and have hit a plateau and need to change up your training  routine to keep getting results.If you are an athlete that is looking to  take your fitness to the next level

meks fitness retreats

Meks Fitness Retreats is the pioneer of modern fitness and travel experiences. We organize and curate small-group vacations around the world, special events in ATL and corporate wellness activations and retreats. Born out of a need to diversify the retreat space and provide opportunities to wellness enthusiasts of all types. Our mission is to make wellness experiences accessible, varied and fun while following our “Travel Well” philosophy of combining a special balance of fitness, adventure and relaxation!

Wellness program

We also work with organizations to host Health Fairs and Wellness Events. Our health fairs and wellbeing events aim to educate people to make positive choices around their own health and wellbeing through engaging in physical activities, health screenings, relaxation sessions and informative workshops. We can take the pressure off the planning and running of your health fair and will tailor your wellbeing event to suit your needs and include as little or as much interaction, engagement and education as required.


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Tamekia was everything I needed and more to begin my journey to a healthy lifestyle. She did an amazing job of assessing my needs and explaining the exercises that I need to improve my weakness. Tamekia also provided a wide range of dietary options to coincide with my expanded physical activity.

Amber Young

Tamekia trains me twice week these are the best days of the week for me. Each session is different and exciting as I wonder what he is going to have me do next. I am now much stronger and my balance has improved 100%. I like the challenge that Tamekia provides me at every training session. Jinga Low



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